Why advertise with us?

HideThePornFromTheWife is an Online Bookmarker aimed purely at the adult market. This enables you to focus your advertising directly at that market sector. It allows you deliver your product to those people who would be most interested in a way that will attract their attention and prevents those who are not interested being "annoyed" by broad brush advertising.

The whole system can be re-branded to reflect your corporate identity.

This system can be used by anyone, anywhere, so your advertising is not just associated with the workplace for example, but presented to individuals everytime they log on.

The combination of the direct marketing, the ubiquitous system and the ability to brand the system, provides a very powerful, synergistic targeted advertising medium which will give you access to your customers of the future.

Banner exchanges

Some of the advertisements you see are banner exchanges or reciprocal links. These allow users to "jump" directly between sites that may cover similar areas. If you feel that your site may benefit from such a link, please contact us.

If you would like to benefit from these unique opportunities, please contact us.